About Me


I’m an early career teacher from north Minneapolis with a background in education spanning about 5 years. I’ve worked in literacy-based after school programs with the YMCA, taught 8th grade writing with Breakthrough Twin Cities for middle schoolers, volunteered in public high schools, and worked as a paraprofessional in a charter school the past two years. I’m a first-generation college graduate, recently obtained my M. Ed, and am teaching 10th & 12th grade ELA this year.

What you’ll read on my blog:

Reflections on the classroom, and various instructional practices using a critical and culturally sustaining pedagogy informed by cognitive science and evidence-based practices. It was recently referred to as “cultural marxism meets direct instruction”.

I’ve written for a local newspaper about teacher preparation programs  and for projectforeverfree.org on a piece titled “Literacy: The Forgotten Social Justice Issue”. 

Happy Reading & Cheers–