About Me


I’m an early career English teacher from north Minneapolis with a background in education spanning about 6 years. I’ve worked in various roles in education from a literacy-based after school programs with the YMCA, to working as a paraprofessional in a charter school, to where I currently am now, which is a KS3 coordinator for English in a London school. 

Work I’ve done:

I’ve written for a local newspaper and Fordham about teacher preparation programs,  Project Forever Free on a piece titled “Literacy: The Forgotten Social Justice Issue”,  
More recently, I’ve written for citizen.education and am an opinion writer with Education Week (see here and here ). I also have appeared on a few panels and podcasts about improving reading instruction.

What you’ll read on my blog:

Reflections on the classroom, and various instructional practices using a critical and culturally sustaining pedagogy informed by cognitive science , evidence-based practices, and my own lived experience. I was recently called a “mimetic” thinker because I read everyone, regardless of political association, and take what knowledge I can. You’ll see that reflection is fundamental to my practice. 

Feel free to contact me here via the contact button, at my email jasminelane1993@gmail.com, or follow me on twitter @MsJasmineMN if you have any questions or comments.

Happy Reading